School meals: connect with companies

In need of services or technological and digital solutions for your school meals? Finnish companies offer the know-how that can be tailored for your school meal programme.


  • Afstor and Karugrid

    Technology for food preparation, Software for recipe planning, nutrition analysis and health monitoring

    Afstor and Karugid together deliver a full stack solution for school feeding with smart cookers. The solar-powered Afstor cookers enable sustainable electrical heating of food for off-the-electricity-grid schools and homes. The Karugrid-added functionality enhances the cookers with digital features and connects the cookers to educational services. This innovative combination delivers a complete set of tools and services for modern schooling in a compact form.

    Get in touch: Antti Pinomaa, Managing Director, Co-founder, and Ari Piispanen, CEO and founder,

  • CGI Aromi

    Software for recipe planning, nutrition analysis and health monitoring

    CGI Aromi is the most used food service ERP in Finland. Aromi is designed to streamline to processes for the whole food service ecosystem from producers to kitchens and to dining consumers. The system provides some 180+ millions of meals annually in schools, hospitals, service homes and office centers in the Nordic countries. CGI Aromi ensures nutritious meals for all the dietary needs. It enables sustainable meal-production by controlling food waste and supporting the use of seasonal and local produce.

    Get in touch: Tero Pollari, Director, Consulting Services,

  • Jamix Kitchen Intelligence System

    Software for recipe planning, nutrition analysis and health monitoring 

    Jamix Kitchen Intelligence System digitalizes School Lunch system. Today over 55% of all cities and towns in Finland use Jamix to manage School Lunches. Recipes and Menu Cycles including costing and nutrition is in the core of the system. Jamix helps in planning, runs the production, places orders, publishes food data to students and keeps inventory in control. All this significantly cuts waste, saves money and reduces the carbon footprint. Jamix is intuitive and can be used by everyone in the kitchen. Jamix makes the kitchen work! 

    Get in touch: Mikko Jaatinen, CEO,

  • Lytefire

    Technology for food preparation

    The Lytefire 5 solar oven is a solution created to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and support sustainable practices. In developing countries, Lytefire 5 ovens replacing a wood, charcoal or electric oven 10 months a year have an amazing positive impact. The hybrid units are also possible with roasting and with food dehydration. The Lytefire's are manufactured in France or built on-site if part of a large educational program. 

    Get in touch: Eva Wissnez, Co-Founder, Executive Director,

  • Metos

    Technology for food preparation

    Metos produces and sells products and services for professional kitchens. For schools, Metos designs and sells production tools and kettles, food service lines, dining areas, self cleaning areas, dishwashing areas as well as bio waste measuring and monitoring systems.

    Get in touch: Janne Tirkkonen, Marketing Manager,

  • Teuvan Keitintehdas

    Technology for food preparation

    Teuvan Keitintehdas Oy specializes in mobile and easily deployable kitchen solutions. Their product range covers anything from small cookers up to fully equipped trailer mounted field kitchens. Teuvan Keitintehdas can provide cooking solutions that use solid or gaseous fuels with no need for electric power as well as diesel powered systems with very low electric power requirement. 

    Get in touch: Henri Penttilä, Managing Director,

  • University of Eastern Finland

    The Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition in the University of Eastern Finland offers expertise related to school meals, for example in formulation of dietary recommendations and food education to children. 
    A study visit suitable for school principals, teachers, school administrators, health promotion and nutrition planners and managers and food services directors is available. The 4-day study visit includes:
    • lectures by Finnish educators, nutrition experts and professionals,
    • site visit to catering service centre and local school
    • Reflective workshop with Finnish nutrition experts on perspectives of school meals
    The participants get to meet nutritionists, researchers and policy makers who are involved from practice to administration and research.

    Get in touch: Mari Argillander, Coordinator of Transnational Education,

  • VisitEDUfinn

    VisitEDUfinn offers different events, study tours, and visit programmes that all include visits to Finnish schools and participation in the Finnish school meal. Our customized school meal -themed visit programme also includes meetings with educational experts and enterprises related to school meals.

    Get in touch: Riku Korosuo, CEO,

Other relevant organisations

  • Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

    Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare combines research in public health, nutrition, food systems and sustainability in all policies. The institute produces guidelines and studies related to school meal programmes, collects information related to school meals from other authorities, and conducts research on the status and development of school meal programmes in Finland. 

    Get in touch: Heli Kuusipalo, Senior Researcher,

  • ELO Foundation for Finnish Food Culture

    ELO Foundation for Finnish Food Culture promotes Finnish food cultures in Finland and internationally. The foundation coordinates a national school meal expert network, organizes seminars and develops projects related to school meals in Finland and abroad.

    Get in touch: Bettina Lindfors, Executive Director

  • Food from Finland

    Food from Finland, a programme under Business Finland, focuses on promoting export of Finnish food and beverage products. They can also provide information about food and beverage companies providing components to school meals internationally. 

    Get in touch: Esa Wrang, Head of Food Program, and Lili Lehtovuori, Global Opportunity Leader,

  • Finfood - Finnish Food Information

    Finfood - Finnish Food Information (Suomen ruokatieto) is an association that promotes Finnish food culture by communicating about food and the food production chain, and by distributing information on the Hyvää Suomesta – Produce of Finland label, that is used as the certificate for Finnish food products

    Get in touch: Anni-Mari Syväniemi, Executive Director,

  • University of Helsinki

    University of Helsinki has several research programmes related to school meals, covering food education and nutritional sciences among other fields.  The project 'Promoting food sense through school meals (FOODSENSE, 2020-2022)' investigates the educational potential of school mealtimes in collaboration with school food services and subject based teaching in a secondary school context. The study leans on a participatory action research framework and is executed in one pilot school in the Uusimaa region, Finland.

    Get in touch: Kristiina Janhonen, Postdoctoral Researcher,