Learning together with Finland

The nature of a child is to want to know new things, to be inquisitive, curious about the world around them, and to experiment with what they learn. Finland’s education system builds on this, taking advantage of the natural curiosity and placing it at the heart of education planning and curricula.

Finland has a proven track-record as the home of world-class education. The Finnish school system has been built on the egalitarian principle of good quality universal education, which is inclusive and comprehensive. In fact, the learning gap of the weakest and the strongest pupils in Finnish schools is one of the narrowest in the world.

Highly competent and motivated teachers are the cornerstone of the Finnish education system. In Finland, teachers are not only experts in their own subject area, but also experts in teaching and learning. Finnish teacher training places special emphasis on the study of pedagogy: learning the art of teaching, tailored to how different people learn.

Finnish degrees and qualifications are held in high regard all around the world. Therefore, they serve as a certificate of high level of competence and dedication. Finland also enjoys one of the most advanced and expansive selection of educational technology for all levels of education, ranging from formal to extracurricular learning.

We are not too shy to say thay Finland has the best education system, and we are ready to share our know-how with the world. Understanding that this kind of transformation worldwide requires a shift of perspective and a mindset of partnership and collaboration, we invest in capacity building, curriculum development and re-modelling entire education systems, through varied consultancy services aimed at governments, schools and education authorities or at private institutions and actors.

We believe this leads to an inspiring, yet efficient and productive, learning environment where students have real independence, an active role in what and how they learn, and genuinely hold a key to unlocking their own potential.

Top 3 reasons of world-class education

  • Excellent learning outcomes

    Finland's excellent learning outcomes are the result of research-based pedagogy and its innovative approach to teaching and learning.
    This combination supports the creation of excellent curricula and first-rate learning environments and processes.
  • Top quality teacher training

    High-quality training, professional freedom, and trust are the ingredients of success.
    Teachers in Finland must hold a master’s degree and pedagogical qualifications. They enjoy professional freedom and trust, and have the power to influence their own daily work and the development of schools.
  • Innovative digital solutions

    Finland has a strong ICT sector and a booming gaming industry. This has helped to create favorable conditions for developing cutting-edge digital learning solutions that make learning fun!

Our offering

We are able to deliver a 360-degree solution of the ‘Finnish School Abroad’: A complete package, which combines the physical and digital dimensions of inspiring classroom and learning environments – architecture, design, technology – with the intangible aspects of education, from pedagogically optimised high-quality teacher training, to creative, self-motivating and active learning.