What we offer

Finnish school abroad - A complete package

We cannot export the Finnish education system as such but we will co-create with clients to deliver suitable elements of it to fit local market conditions, offering assistance in localizing it and reforming the local primary education system according to the ‘Finnish School Abroad’ concept.

Our 360-degree ‘Finnish School Abroad’ solution is a complete package that combines the physical and digital dimensions of inspiring classroom and learning environments – architecture, design, technology – with the intangible aspects of education, from pedagogically optimised high-quality teacher training, to creative, self-motivating and active learning.T

It can include professional development programs for teachers; the knowledge and practical skills they need to improve elementary teaching, cloud-based e-learning platforms and infrastructure solutions, systems for assessment and evaluation, educational digital games, software and mobile applications, as well as digital learning content and resources. There are also options on offer for hybrid learning environments and harvesting data to develop better-tailored learning processes.

Our offering

Teacher and children at a Finnish kindergarten. Photo by Elina Manninen / Kuvatoimisto Keksi / Finland Promotion Board

Early childhood education and care

Finnish early childhood education and care comprises care, education and teaching to support children’s balanced growth, development and learning.

Pupils in basic education using laptops. Photo by Elina Manninen / Kuvatoimisto Keksi / Finland Promotion Board

Basic education

In the Finnish education system, formal primary education starts in the year a child turns seven years old. In the year prior, at the age of six, the child participates in mandatory pre-primary education.

Boys and teacher in general upper secondary education in Finland by Elina Manninen / Keksi / Finland Promotion Board

General upper secondary education

General upper secondary Education is flexibly organised.

Nurse students. Photo by Riku Isohella / Finland Promotion Board

Vocational education and training

Finland benefits from a sound track record in high-quality vocational education, and this expertise can be successfully transferred to other countries and localized to yield the best results.

Helsinki University Main Library by Sakari Piippo / Finland Promotion Board

Higher education

Finland reaps the rewards of world-leading teacher training and pedagogical practices, and the country’s outstanding higher education institutions offer a wide range of degree programs, training courses and modules to enhance the abilities of trainee teachers and other education professionals.

Non-formal education

Adult Education is very popular, the participation rate is high also in international terms.

Adults by Riku Isohella

Professional development

Education and training for various needs for companies and organisations