Education Finland member companies have a wide variety of services in teacher professional development, ranging from online resources, day seminars and short courses to full degree programs. The services enable educators, school leaders and directors of education to successfully apply Finnish practices in their learning community.
For education leaders
Leading educational transformation processes or managing learning communities are demanding tasks that require multiple skills. In Finland it is considered necessary for educational leaders to have expertise in both organisational management and pedagogy. With such a combination of skills, they can successfully lead because they understand the design and delivery of the curriculum, and how to encourage a culture of learning.

Professional development services are available for people working in all levels of education management.
In a changing world, teachers will be faced with new challenges every day, but proper training and access to continuous education will give them the tools to face them.

Education Finland members provide a wide range of professional development services to teachers, from pre-service training preparing would-be teachers to in-service training to teachers who want to keep in touch with key trends and innovations in education. Early childhood education and special needs teacher education are also covered.

The topics range from core competences such as STEM education, phenomenon-based learning, new learning solutions and digital competence and learner-centred approach and learning methods to more specific topics such as positive pedagogy, sustainable development, antibullying or movement skills training.
The objective of professional teacher education is to provide the future teachers with the skills and knowledge to work in diverse learning environments and guiding diverse learners, taking into account developments in the world of work and different professions.

The close relationship between work life and vocational education is reflected in the training of vocational teachers. They can also develop their professional skills in themes like entrepreneurship, bioeconomy, smart technology and circular economy.