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Learning environments

Isku designs and furnishes environments where learning and teaching is a shared joy. The complementary facility and furniture solutions – Focus, Share,Study & Join –are a source of inspiration, learning and creating something new. This is the concept of Isku Active Learning, providing the diverse solutions for creating functionally and pedagogically versatile learning and innovation environments.

Isku design is inspired by Finnish forests, pure raw materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. All Isku products comply with the strictest quality and safety requirements.


Educational reforms
Learning materials and educational technology
Teacher training and educational leadership

The Eduten platform is a research-based learning tool with a proven impact for teachers, students, principals and education leaders. It has won both the UNESCO ICT for Education prize and the UNICEF Blue Unicorn Special Edtech Award, and is trusted by several governments to implement nation-wide digital transformation. Eduten has 2,1+ million users in 50+ countries, and in Finland it is the most popular digital learning tool with users in more than 70% of schools. Our task library with 200,00+ math tasks for K12 aligns with any curriculum and is localized for many languages. It’s available for single private schools, ministries of education and everything in between.


Corporate training
School concepts
Teacher training and educational leadership

Finnoschool is offering Finnish pedagogy based consulting for schools and communities who want to improve their organization performance in the field of education.


Learning materials and educational technology

3DBear combines immersive technologies and inspiring pedagogic content for the best learning results. Augmented reality (“AR”), virtual reality (“VR”), 360-photos, scanning & 3D printing. Professional development, implementation and workshops. From K-12 to higher ed and corporate training.

3DBear's tools enable students to…
•    learn job skills remotely using AR and VR
•    do science labs remotely using AR and VR
•    become content creators in 3D themselves, 3D modeller being one of the top 20 Jobs in the future and as important as coding.
•    learn spatial cognition.
•    change their mindset to creative problem solving and storytelling.
•    learn 21st century job skills in a way where technology is redefining learning.

Claned Group

Learning materials and educational technology

Claned is a digital learning solution, which is capable of measuring the current knowledge capital of personnel and comparing it to the strategic skills and competences needed in the future. Most importantly, Claned can build personalized learning paths to all employees to achieve those strategic skills effectively. It gathers data about competence development and learning automatically and in real time to be able to assess the correlation between competence development and business metrics and activities.

Lahdelma & Mahlamäki architects

Learning environments

Lahdelma & Mahlamäki architects (LMA) is an internationally acclaimed architecture office especially known for their museum projects and education buildings. Renowned for their deep understanding of the impact of history, location and the human touch, LMA architecture stretches far beyond materiality. The founders, Professor Ilmari Lahdelma and Professor Rainer Mahlamäki, have been working together since the 1980s and they have won over 100 prizes in architecture competitions, which makes LMA one of the most experienced and successful Finnish offices. Their principal works include, for example, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews (2013), the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Myllypuro Campus (2019) and the Kastelli School and Community Centre (2014).



Learning environments
Learning materials and educational technology
Working life partnerships and competence development

Funzi gives the world’s billions of mobile users access to motivating and useful learning. An opportunity to develop skills to build a better tomorrow. High quality, relevant courses delivered with a combination of an effective pedagogy and an engaging experience.

Sanoma Pro

Learning materials and educational technology

Sanoma Pro Ltd is the number one educational publisher in Finland and the front runner in the development of learning solutions. They provide printed and digital learning content and services, Oppi&ilo early learning products designed to develop skills and increase knowledge, and tutoring services by TutorHouse. Their pedagogically high-quality products inspire teachers and students to improve learning outcomes.

Tiimiakatemia Global

Learning materials and educational technology

Tiimiakatemia Global is a training and consulting company that trains professional team coaches. It has been established in 1993 by teamwork, team coaching and team learning experts.

The mission of Tiimiakatemia Global is to boldly coach team coaches. They are  professionals who have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences to coach individuals, teams and communities to work and learn together. To certify the competencies of team coaches the company trains, Tiimiakatemia Global upkeeps and develops team coaches’ competency certification system.

The company offers both short and long-term coaching programs to progressive and inspired professionals from educational and business worlds. Also, the company consults organizations to use team coaching methods and develop as learning organizations.

Northern Skills Finland Education

Educational travel and visits
Learning environments

Northern Skills Finland Education Ltd provides great experiences inside and outside the classroom in the unique environment of Finnish Lapland under the northern lights. It specializes in designing memorable, all-inclusive educational packages for groups according to set requirements. Spend time at the local school, hang out with local students, get to know Finland's world-class educational system, gain hands-on experience and learn while taking part in fun and exciting educational tours.