News 19.06.2019

Finnish qualifications contribute to solving the global learning crisis

Omnia Education Partnerships Ltd. (OEP) and United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) have signed a memorandum of understanding. It marks the beginning of a strategic partnership aiming to bring high-quality accredited education to vulnerable populations and hard-toreach areas.

The collaboration includes

- Offering Finnish vocational and professional qualifications to vulnerable populations and hard-to-reach areas. - Support in developing the quality of education by providing training to education and guidance professionals in developing countries. - Support in building an entrepreneurial ecosystem by training local trainers and offering a localized version of the Finnish Further Qualification for Entrepreneurs. At the moment, only 2% of humanitarian assistance focuses on education. Only 23% of refugees are enrolled in secondary education and just 1% in tertiary education. The collaboration between OEP and UNITAR addresses the challenge of developing scalable re- and upskilling models while also supporting the UN 2030 Agenda for sustainable development goals. Supporting local education and the entrepreneurial ecosystem works toward creating long-term impact and paths to livelihood regardless of present or future location.

Why Finnish vocational education and training?

“In Finnish vocational education and training, competence is what counts, not how or where it is acquired. Finnish qualifications are internationally recognized, which ensures that competence is measured according to working life criteria, and also opening doors to further studies”, explains Mervi Jansson, the CEO of Omnia Education Partnerships. OEP’s scalable training model includes capacity building and certifying of local trainers. As the programs lead to official Finnish qualifications, Finnish trainers support the training process and ensure that the achieved competence is assessed to Finnish standards. OEP has been developing the model with international partners and Finn Church Aid in countries such as Uganda, Palestine and Saudi Arabia. Omnia Education Partnerships Ltd. (OEP) is the international commercial arm of four Finnish organizations with outstanding expertise in education, training, and development cooperation. OEP partners with ministries, NGOs, companies and colleges to design and implement education and training programs for diverse needs.

Further information: Mervi Jansson Omnia Education Partnerships Ltd. CEO +358 43 8200152 www.oep.f