News 22.11.2018

Finnish entrepreneurial experts supporting commercialization of innovations in Ukraine

EduExcellence Ltd, a global education service provider of three major universities of applied sciences in Finland, and National Center "Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine" have signed a strategic commercial contract for developing and empowering local entrepreneurship.

Junior Academy is a science programme for young talented Ukrainians under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. On a yearly basis, the programme supports around 250 000 gifted students who work in high-tech laboratories around the country. Auspicated by UNESCO, Junior Academy collaborates with highly recognized international organizations such as CERN and NASA. Over the years the students have received more than 160 patents and intellectual property rights certificates for innovations. However, most of them have not been commercialized. Education in Finland highly supports innovations and entrepreneurial competencies.

EduExcellence (representing Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia Universities of Applied Sciences) offered an innovative solution that was co-designed with the client and combined strengths of Haaga-Helia´s StartUp School incubator and Metropolia´s Turbiini accelerator. According to Junior Academy´s Director Oksen Lisovyi, “Finland is the best country in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe. It was very fruitful to witness the expertise and professional work of EduExcellence experts and we look forward to co-operating closer in the future”.

The initial steps of the development program have provided Junior Academy´s business incubator with a model conceptualization and supportive tools to help talented students to commercialize their innovations. Tuija Pulkkinen, CEO of EduExcellence Ltd., notes out that EduExcellence solution supports economy growth and regional development in Ukraine. “Entrepreneurship education in Ukraine needs more attention. This collaboration helps us change our young people and help them to open themselves and realize their full potential, reach their goals and expectations”, says Director Lisovyi.

More information:
Tuija Pulkkinen
CEO, EduExcellence
tel. + 358 50 527 7258