News 30.10.2019

Come and meet our companies at Edutech Asia

World-leading country in education and edtech innovation. The Finnish excellence in education lies in the strong emphasis on lifelong learning. Thus, the aim has been to continuously develop all the levels of education. Our early childhood and K12 core curricula have been implemented highlighting the importance of individual approach and the 21st century skills. In vocational education and training, the collaboration with companies is stronger than ever before due to the reform launched in the beginning of this year.

In higher education the new vision for 2030 targets to world-class science, R&D and education. Our educational institutes are ready to support the development of e.g. teachers’ competencies, curricula, learning environments and digitalization of the schools.

Finland enjoys one of the most advanced and expansive selection of educational technology for all levels of education, ranging from formal to extracurricular learning. Educational technology in Finland is teacher-driven, and there is a good understanding how the technology can complement innovative teaching methods. In combination with the country´s strong ICT sector and a booming gaming industry this has helped to create favorable conditions for developing cutting-edge digital learning solutions that make learning fun.

In connection with the EduTECH Asia fair, a delegation of Finnish education experts and education export companies is visiting Singapore. Throughout the week, there will be several opportunities to meet with members of the delegation.

For those visiting the EduTECH Asia fair on 5.-6.11.2019, the Education Finland pavilion introduces different elements and reprents levels of Finnish education, especially educational technology. The workshops held at the pavilion give the audience a chance to learn and experience methods utilized in Finnish education.

The programme at the pavilion is the following (on both days of the fair):

  • 11:00 Science is Child’s Play, Kide Science
  • 11:20 Gamification: a Way to Growth Mindset and Self-Confidence, Eduten
  • 11:40 Northern Excellence – Professional Development for Education Professionals, PINO Network
  • 12:00 University of Helsinki HY+ Ltd


  • 14:00 Bring peace to your working- and living environments, Yeseco acoustics
  • 14:20 Child initiated planning and assessment in early childhood education, Tinyapp
  • 14:40 Teaching character strengths in classrooms the Finnish way, Positive Learning
  • 15:00 Establishing Finnish International Schools abroad, EduCluster Finland
  • 15:20 OVObots fun and effective way to deepen your learning with teaching robots, Ovobots

We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!



Mr Mark Barratt, Director of Sales and Global Partnerships /

EduCluster Finland (ECF), University of Jyväskylä Group, engages in international operations pioneering expertise over the entire Finnish educational spectrum. Drawing on the experience of leading-edge Finnish educational organisations, ECF has been involved in 200+ international projects over the past nine years.


Mr Makke Leppänen, Vice President of Marketing /

Eduten Playground is a complete digital mathematics curriculum that gives a radical and permanent improvement learning outcomes. It offers more than 15,000 exercises designed by Finnish teachers. It is available globally as a cloud based web application for desktops and mobile devices.


Mr Ken Ang, Regional Manager,APAC /

HY+ Ltd is owned by the University of Helsinki Funds. We provide continuing education and development services for organisations and individuals in Finland and abroad. All services are developed in close collaboration with the faculties and departments of the University of Helsinki. We have evidence based track record in creating individually designed training, capacity and competence building, and development programmes during the past five decades


Ms Aino Kuronen, CEO, Co-Founder,

Science is child’s play!

Are you an educator in need of effective learning solutions? Kide Science is a research-based pedagogical model from Finland. We provide playful early STEAM education for 3-to-8 year-olds. Our online product for teachers includes training, lesson plans, peer support and engagement for families. In our lessons, children get to explore the wonders of the world by exploring and experimenting. Our proven pedagogical methods are based on rigorous academic research conducted at the University of Helsinki, Finland by our founder Ph.D. Jenni Vartiainen.

Kindergartens and learning centers - join us on a thrilling science adventure that has long-lasting effects!


Mr Jussi Wright, CEO & Co-Founder /

OVObot teaching robots for schools help kids learn the language and understand the basic concepts, math and clock. With the help of an artificial intelligence voice interface, OVObot recognizes speech and teaches you to pronounce foreign languages correctly. With OVObots even the quietest students can use their voice and practice pronunciation. OVObot recognize automatically the skill level of the students and asks just right questions. Progress of students’ can easily be tracked on the teacher’s own website. Plug and play product. No programming or special ICT skills required. Developed in Finland in cooperation with teachers.


Mr Jussi Haukkamaa, Project Manager /

The multisectoral offering of the Finnish education system and various other fields create widely valued learning environments. The PINO Network’s high quality products support learning in various ways e.g. learning and teaching materials, educational games, software products, school buildings and infrastructure, educational concepts and consulting services. These services are offered by companies, schools as well as other organizations and by various consortiums with tailored offering. We are currently building the network and the overall service offering continues to grow steadily.


Ms Kaisa Vuorinen, CEO /

Positive Learning Ltd is an award-winning start-up aiming at finding what is brilliant and unique in every learner. Our work is based on years of academic research and practical work in schools and companies. We have published several books on positive education and trained thousands of educators and leaders globally to reorient their focus on the positives. In our digital service "Positive" we coach positive teachers with habit forming, mentoring and by a strong community, leveraging our experience in training over 20.000 educators globally. Our Positive Method enables teachers to learn, teach and assess social and emotional skills and character strengths.


Ms Taina Mikkola, Founder /

TinyApp shapes the early education to the 21st century. It provides smart pedagogical tools and builds the capacity of educators. TinyApp supports the planning and follow-up of skills based and child-initiated early childhood education. TinyApp works with any curriculum and guides to meet every child individually. Comprehensive analytics and reports in child, group, school and municipality levels provide insights into daily pedagogy and support the continuous development of early education as well as the learning and development of children.


Mr Ari Heikkinen, CEO /

Bring peace to your studying, working- and living environments!

We are a Scandinavian Design and manufacturing company of ecological acoustic products since 2009. Our products are contemporary Scandinavian Design for decorating and creating aesthetically pleasing, personal spaces and offering attractive and educative designs for the children. Yeseco has a product range specifically for Daycare and Schools, with screens and clouds that are effective at absorbing and attenuating noise and ideal for partitioning part of a larger area for work or play or bringing extra peace and privacy for special students at school or privacy for any open plan office. Our products are ecological consisting 80% of already recycled fibers.