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Arkki International

Learning environments
Learning materials and educational technology

Arkki Creative Education is a long term after-school program approved by the Finnish Ministry of Education. Arkki program for 4-18-year-old integrates different STEM subjects through architecture.
Curious Class program is a phenomenal learning toolkit for school teachers based on the Finnish National Core Curriculum.
Besides these, Arkki offers programs and workshops for professional visitors and children.
Play - create - succeed!


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Claned Group

Learning materials and educational technology

Claned is a digital learning solution, which is capable of measuring the current knowledge capital of personnel and comparing it to the strategic skills and competences needed in the future. Most importantly, Claned can build personalized learning paths to all employees to achieve those strategic skills effectively. It gathers data about competence development and learning automatically and in real time to be able to assess the correlation between competence development and business metrics and activities.

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Council for Creative Education - CCE Finland

Educational travel and visits
School concepts
Teacher training and educational leadership

Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland is a global organization  with the motto of redefining education through creativity. CCE provides tailormade teacher training and school development programs from pre-primary to higher education. The programs are based on research and expertise from Finnish universities and academia. CCE provides insights in Finnish education system as a model where creativity is integrated well in the classroom activities.

Team CCE Finland have already served customers and educators from more than 35 countries.



Corporate training
Learning materials and educational technology

Educraftor is the innovation and educational development agency bringing you the evolution of education.

Using an innovator’s toolkit including coaching processes, team-learning and design thinking Educraftor engages partners in international ecosystems designed to build cultures around trust and dialogue. The evolution of education represents the systematic processes needed for your organisation to successfully adapt to and ultimately lead global changes.

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Learning materials and educational technology

Funzi gives the world’s billions of mobile users access to motivating and useful learning. An opportunity to develop skills to build a better tomorrow. High quality, relevant courses delivered with a combination of an effective pedagogy and an engaging experience.

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Teacher training and educational leadership

Great learners always win! Johtajuustaito provides programs for continuous learning and improvement with the world leading education knowledge and systems. The work is backed up by scientific research. Their services have been tested in Finland and audited by external specialists.

Johtajuustaito programs include:
1. 21st Century teacher;
2. Emotional intelligence for schools;
3. Coaching way in a school.
4. Education leadership program

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Kisakallio Sports Institute

Degrees and qualifications
Educational travel and visits
Teacher training and educational leadership

Kisakallio Sports Institute is a non-profit foundation which offers a wide variety of sports, activities, educational possibilities and excellent facilities for professional and amateur sports enthusiasts. Kisakallio Sports Institute is one of the biggest training and education centers in Finland and Europe.

For K12 it offers a Finnish PopUp School, complementary training in sports for teachers as well as movement skills training.
For Adult Education services cover vocational sport-related education and teacher/coach/instructor training.
Kisakallio also offers support to athlete dual career solutions.

LAB UAS logo

LAB University of Applied Sciences

Degrees and qualifications
Educational travel and visits
Teacher training and educational leadership

LAB University of Applied Sciences offers six bachelor and two master degree programmes taught in English. In addition LAB University of Applied Sciences offers various kinds of global education services. The services include development of degree programmes, tailored further education solutions, extensive consulting and educational visits to both Lahti and Lappeenranta regions. The topics include e.g. social and health care; environmental technology; circular economy; logistics and supply chain management; service design and management; digital marketing; leadership and management; innovations; entrepreneurship; and design.


Mobie Academy

Learning materials and educational technology

Mobie Academy is a completely new kind of electronic learning and training material production and distribution platform, a global online shop, and a very versatile learning environment for educational institutions, teachers, trainers and students. It is an excellent service for trainers who train around the world.

For content providers or publishers, Mobie Academy enables the production of learning or training materials on a very modern platform, as well as distribution and sales of materials globally from altogether 11 countries.


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North European Business Academy (NEBA)

Corporate training
Degrees and qualifications
Learning materials and educational technology
Teacher training and educational leadership

NEBA (North European Business Academy) is a web-based academy. In addition to online learning, the studying methods can be face to face studying or blended learning. NEBA's field of expertise is Business Start Up, Career Guidance and Teacher Training.

NEBA trains people skills they need to start and run a business. The training is practical and effective, and based on a long experience of dealing with micro, small and medium-sized companies. NEBA has 25 years of experience of helping more than 4 000 new micro businesses and 10 000 online students.

NEBA's Career Guidance services cover Online Training package as well as tailored training programs. Teachers Training is done together with Finnish University and NEBA can provide an Online training package with University certificate.